HistGisIta: Historical railroads development in Italy

The geodatabase (1839-1913) has been built by Carlo Ciccarelli (University of Rome Tor Vergata) and  Peter Groote  (University of Groningen).

                        Data are available at http://bit.do/italianrailways




For more information, see our articles on the construction of the geodatabase:


1) Ciccarelli, C. and Groote, P. (2017), "Railway Endowment in Italy’s Provinces, 1839-1913",

Rivista di Storia Economica, 33, 1, pp. 45-88

available at  https://www.rivisteweb.it/doi/10.1410/86763


2) Ciccarelli, C. and Groote, P. (2018), "The spread of railroads in Italian provinces: a GIS approach", 

Scienze Regionali - Italian Journal of Regional Science, forthcoming.

available at Scienze Regionali

If you find the data of use, please let us know at: carlo.ciccarelli@uniroma2.it and p.d.groote@rug.nl.
If you use the data in your research and articles, please quote our articles
in Rivista di Storia Economica and Rivista di Scienze Regionali.


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